Our Mission

Uforge Gallery’s mission is to foster creativity by facilitating diverse art exhibitions, both juried and non-juried; to provide a venue to exhibit these works; to cultivate both a collaborative and inclusive arts community at large through special events.


A More In-depth Look:

Founded in 2011, Uforge Gallery is committed to showing both professional and emerging contemporary artists in a fun, inclusive environment. Their innovative exhibits feature a range of artwork in different media, and their membership collective offers new opportunities for artists to move ahead in their careers. Uforge began as a locally grown concept in 2010: dedicating a space within the community that allows artists to create new artwork and grow beyond their artistic comfort zones. With monthly assignments, impromptu artistic sessions, teachings and special events, Uforge is a fine art destination and creative center that awakens and inspires the creativity within the community and you.

Exhibitions Committee:
Alexandra Kittle, Chair
Erica Baptiste
Sara Gothard
Heather M. Morris

Managing Members:
Brian Crete, Gallery Director & Chair
Alexandra Kittle, Assistant Gallery Director
James Flynn, Managing Member
Cristina R. Nelson, Managing Member